Thursday, April 18, 2013

a frame's story

A tutorial of sorts

Start with an old wooden frame.
This one came from Savers
and cost three dollars.
Then get to work with a vision.
Remove print
and staples.
Smudge paint it.
I did the wipe-on/ wipe-off method.
Glue a new piece of wood as backing
and then

Almost there.
Give it an old sign look with maple stain.
Add handles.
These came from Lowe's
for like $1.50 each.
I backed mine with felt
so no snaggles
and then...

Enjoy your crafty design
as a tray
funky piece of art.

Boulangerie patisserie?
French pastry and bread chef.

I'm not French
I certainly am
 a chef.

Enjoy your tray!

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