Tuesday, April 9, 2013

am i the only person who does this?

When faced with those tough
decisions in life
which fabric to choose
to reupholster 
(the time has finally come!)
my chair?

I leave the swatches
on said chair...
changing their placement
as the light shifts in my home.

light alters color.
The morning light will show
the green I like in swatch #3
but as the day progresses
and afternoon shadows
fill that room
that same pretty green
takes on a gray tint.

Not entirely a bad thing...

In the end
it tells me that I'm still
on the hunt for
the perfect fabric.
More fabric stores!
More choices!

More swatches to consider
with the sun.

Don't even get me started with
paint samples!

Shades of Gray?!
Who knew there were 
so many
shades of brown?

On the up side
I know I want a solid shade of
green for the chair.
As for the brown paint...
completely undecided and a bit confused.

When I get this crazy
I go for a walk
(been taking lots of walks these days)

Clear my head 
and remind myself
that there are certainly
more important things to fret about...

what's for dinner?

In answering the title question...
Am I the only person who does this?

Will I be hearing the multitudes
proclaim allegiance
and admit to this strange sisterhood of samplings
will you be recommending a good 

Break it to me gently.
Until then...


  1. Maybe it is a family thing? After all- I would not have decided on a fabric for my sofa without your help! And like Mary said- pick the fabric first- easier to match the paint to the fabric as there are many choices and they can even make a custom one to go with the fabric. Good luck- and remember it is all fun. xo

  2. You mean you don't tape the paint swatches to the wall?

    I like being able to totally relate with someone (no, you're not the only one who leaves fabric swatches on the furniture).

    Wishing you a lovely day!