Tuesday, April 30, 2013

three little words

Mom was relaying
a day spent
with her friend...
we'll call her...
She and Donna
went shopping
instead of going out to eat
as usual
they decided to 
"just go home"
since the weather was 
damp, gray, ugly
and make...
here it comes...
grilled cheese sandwiches

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

 Immediately my mind wandered...
I know mom saw that faraway look...
I even spoke
like a long forgotten memory
of a place
with easy, always reliable, quick meals.
My new world
of whole food, plant-based eating
(there's a mouth full)
has me working
in the kitchen
a lot!
I was actually longing...
at this part of mom's story,
for those days gone by.

Days when grilled cheese and 
Campbell's Tomato Soup,
a garbage omelet
mac and cheese from the box
with tuna tossed in
were considered meals.

Not only that
meals that my family really

I know I could
slap some Daiya cheese on whole
grain...Ezekiel bread...
make tomato soup with soy...
make a tofu scramble...
ditto with the mac and cheese...
my family has taste buds like
an elephant...
and their Sherlock skills
come out in full as they try to
explain the crime scene
known as dinner.

But I trudge forward
in the name of

My new revised
always updated life
is on a path towards summer

with easy-breezy days
that require... 

that I go outdoors
and escape from my kitchen.
My criteria:
Tastes good.
(even to the kids!)

got the ball rolling
with a sample of this burger
that James declared

With fingerling potatoes
that were
sliced in strips
lightly coated with olive oil
sprinkled generously with
paprika and Cajun seasonings
a shake of sea salt

baked at 450
for 25.

Served with
 ketchup and malt vinegar
for that Cedar Point vibe.

Maybe not as fast as
the grilled cheese
but close...
getting there...
with one foot out the door.

Did I mention
Summer's Coming!?

I'm a summer gal and
that's what I call

"Summer's coming."

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  1. Don't you dare rush one of my favorite seasons! (You know how I'm always in a hurry to get to autumn in the summer? Well, considering my summers, I'm never in a hurry to rush spring!) :)