Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This blog world is strange.
It changes.
I change.
It is a reflection...maybe sometimes
an imagining...
at best 
a glimpse
of one's life.

Like a photograph
that shows the smiles
without the tears.

Those rare occasions that 
we get up-close and personal
and really see inside...
rare in this world
of blogging.
Rare. (period).


It's hard to imagine
how my babies
got so big
and yet
there I was right along with them
growing and changing.
When I visited FIMBY
this morning 
(so you can blame her for this post)
discussed the changes happening
in her homeschool routine.
She is riding the wave
and going with the flow.

I know that wave.
I surf that wave.

The waters can be rough...
with doubt
and like a surrender
you find ways to navigate
until the calm returns.
Times like
when most kids were in school
and mine were in and out of
rehab centers
hospice facilities.
Making changes to our
as our life demanded.
every year seemed to bring
its challenges.
Every year
my boys learned and grew
in astounding ways.
Maybe not with the typical
A+ in Science 
with immeasurable life experiences.
and those are the true

They aren't memorizing
facts and dates
to ace an exam...
they are observing

Constantly learning.

This isn't meant to be a
condemnation of the public school system.
My older two graduated from 
that system
and they are fine young men
who contribute to society.
(If that is the gauge to measure by)

 I hope to
show others who are taking this path
that it will be 

We need to support each other 
during the highs
of the ride.
Because life
 isn't a competition.

We are better
than that.

As my boys transitioned through high school
courses changed
interests changed
styles changed...
 we changed.

By constantly adapting
being a chameleon
to our needs
we grew

This process is
and has been
Like the proverbial
light bulb
I now realize fully that
they were molding me
as much as I was molding them.

A give and take.
A take and give.

A little thing we call...
lifelong learning.


  1. Jenn, You can blame me all you want. This was beautiful and encouraging to me. I want to be you one day - a beautiful grandma! who has homeschooled and mothered 4 boys. So happy to have met you!

    Thank you for commenting this morning and introducing yourself.

  2. renee@FIMBY was in town! Thanks so much for your kind words...strange, I feel like I know you because you are one of those bloggers who "let's us in" AND one of the reasons you are on my blog roll...well, that AND your fabulous Cauliflower Curry and Potato Soup...which is my favorite soup EVER! about coincidence...I want to be just like you when I grow up!