Thursday, April 4, 2013

in defense

A new recipe?
It looks...
Loaded with fresh

A closer look
may tell
the whole story.

Sometimes my compost
looks like a beautiful
salad concoction.

Why did I decide to post
my bowl of compost
on this sunny

when someone...
even an anonymous someone
calls me wasteful...
them's fightin' words!

In a recent post I was 
making strawberry syrup
and in the process I composted
the strawberries after
extracting all their
juicy goodness.
Now, I should have added that
you can mash those
for a slurry drink...
but this time I was wanting
a clear syrup.

Then I started getting the giggles.
I don't know why 
that happens...
maybe it is a stress relieving mechanism
that my body has adapted 
maybe I began seeing
the funny side of that comment.
Is it a waste when I make
my Whole Food Kitchen recipes
like chai tea
and after releasing the flavorful
spices and extract the tea...
I compost what is left behind?
Is it wasteful to
do the same with apple peels...
carrot shavings?
Much of the nutients exist in the
skin of the fruit/veggie...
but that apple pie would have a texture
you may not enjoy.
I won't even go there.
I only hope all you juicers
out there
are rigorously composting the remains.
While preparing my dinner
Coconut Curry With Chickpeas, Cauliflower
and Peas
I added onion skins, potato peels,
pepper seeds and tops
to my compost bowl.

My garden thinks differently.

To a gardener...
an organic gardener in particular...
the compost heap
like a pot o' gold.

So in answer to that first question
I posed...a new recipe?
Quality compost is a recipe
for a happy garden.

Sorry to anonymous...
but I take caring
for the planet and those who
abide here
very seriously.


Now giggle.

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