Monday, April 22, 2013

forecast: sunny

Extended Forecast:
Finishing a Project
that apparently I can only
do if the sun is shining.

And somehow
that makes perfect sense
to me.
With a weekend of sunshine
I got geared up to 

It's one of those projects that
looks REALLY
before (hopefully!)
it gets better.
I primed that red
right off of my walls.
I'm diggin the brightness
factor already.
I told Rudy to put
his shades on before coming 
downstairs in the morning.
brought with it a
first coating.
The wainscoting is politely
waiting its

I may not be working at
break neck
but it's
more about
the journey...
watching the mental greet the physical.
Very cool.
Which is why 
I can pull this look off.

It is very gratifying to watch it come together
using these two hands
of mine.
Only asking for help
Knowing they are happier
on the sidelines...
I thinks me a tyrant
of sorts.
Personality flaw rears its ugly...

I guess I gotta have one.

they get to hear this 
old song of mine entitled,
"Just leave...
and let me finish what I've started."

It must be tough 
being them!

Love ya guys!
Really I do.

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  1. It's amazing how dark walls can suck the light in a room, isn't it? Light changes everything! The last time Mom was here, she asked me "Now, you changed the paint color in the office, right?" Nope! I had changed the curtains from the darker plaid panels to the sheer whites, and it totally changed the color of that room! Let the sunshine in!