Monday, January 13, 2014

fat-bottomed girls

working in the
and around
and around...

feeling like a gerbil
trapped in a cage
running the wheel.

not a good feeling.

is not a relaxing endeavor
for me

I've heard there are those
who claim
muscle memory
takes over
and it becomes a type of
meditative process.

I'm not one of those.
And so...
I get distracted quite easily
looking for an excuse 
to put the project down
this time...
feed my growling stomach

With my new
cutting board and chef's knife
and Isa Does It Cookbook
you can find me chopping
all times of the day
for the sheer thrill of it

and when her recipe
calls for the
iron skillet...

I'm in heaven.

My fat-bottomed girl
leaves me feeling
like I've been doing curls
at the gym
enjoying the comfort
of my kitchen

Don't you love it
when you read through a new recipe
and in your head 
you're thinking
got it...
got that too!

You know
it's destiny to make
The Mediterranean Scramble.

Come on...
it's not everyday
that you'll find 
fresh basil
roasted tomatoes
kalamata olives 
in my frig.

Then again
maybe it is!

Served along side
light rye
with a splash of Frank's

atop my other
fat-bottomed girl

and it's true!

they make
the rockin' world
go round!

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