Friday, January 3, 2014

the topper

The funny thing is
I rarely pay attention to them...
in fact
my boys will often ask me a question
right after one has run and
I will be like,
"Oh...I'm sorry, it may have looked
like I was listening
my mind was on

Television commercials.

 one will catch my eye
capture my imagination
with a brief complexity
far surpassing the original intent.

Such is the case with
the McDermott's tree topper
who has watched over the family's Christmases
for over thirty years
She shares stories that most 
would rather she
not remember
and then the tender moments we hope
we never forget

It wasn't until I paid special attention later
that I realized it was an ad for
and how movie watching
"just might bring families together"

By that time
 I was looking at my topper
with new eyes

All the years she's been 
watching over us

All the years she has been
holding that place
of honor
atop our

If this angel could talk!

What wonderful things would she tell
what stories would I cringe
at her remembering...

Then again...
this Santa has been with my family
for generations

This is his first year at my home.
When I saw that mom had him in a heap
going to Goodwill in June
I snatched him up quickly
with Mom telling me
to scrub him up
air him out
which I didn't do
because he looks just like a Santa who 
has traveled down
many a sooty chimney
and was hugged and tugged on
by many a sticky fingered
Thompson kid!
All seven of us!

He grabbed some attention on Christmas Eve
as my siblings 
remembered his constant
presence in our past.

Those from the next generation
thought he looked
to which my granddaughter walked in
with glee.
(proving his charm must
have skipped a generation!)
Grabbed him and hugged him
and took him everywhere 
she went.

Adding to the stories
he can tell...
if only
he could talk!

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