Monday, January 20, 2014

not-so-organic lip balm

Armed with a

more accurately
a guide...
a suggestion

I went about making
Peppermint Lip Balm
for holiday
 gift giving.

I'm going to back up
a moment
to explain how
something magical happened
after taking a few
on-line whole food cooking

I gained confidence in my kitchen.

I will often change a recipe
something I rarely did before
with items
I have on hand
thereby skipping the last-minute trip
to the store
determined to use
everything I have
in my pantry
I will
 substitute ingredients
to make the recipe

Body care recipes are no different.

The original recipe
 called for
castor, jajoba, soybean, or almond oil
I used coconut
1/2 a tube of natural
synthetic-free lipstick
as a colorant
I used
dry beet powder
with eh-eh results
finally the peppermint essential oil
which I used
but after applying it
I found it
to be quite

My second attempt:

utilizing an old compact
that I cleaned

and deciding to use
the last of
my favorite
Clinique lipstick...

you'd be surprised
at how much product
is left in that

It made sense to use
my favorite lipstick
as the 
don't ya think?

The process

following the recipe
for the most 

measuring the
bees wax
given to me as a gift
from my  godson
who is a beekeeper

his honey
for just the right amount of

whisked it all together
and dug out that

added and blended

poured into
my salvaged pots

and covered
giving it time to 
rest and set

The End Result:

My not-so-organic
Lip Balm.

A duo-compact with
some of my favorite eye shadow
still in there
(never waste a thing!)

Old Maid New

I'm Lovin' it!

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