Saturday, January 11, 2014


In the world of art

(noun) - A word, from the Latin (via Italian) fumare ("to smoke"), used to denote a painting technique. Sfumato means that there are no harsh outlines present (as in a coloring book). Areas blend into one another through miniscule brushstrokes, which makes for a rather hazy, albeit more realistic, depiction of light and color. An early, wonderful example of sfumato can be seen in Leonardo's
Mona Lisa.

Take that concept
and apply it to 
my world

and maybe...
maybe, mind you
you'll be able to see the beauty
that 40 degrees can bring

rather than
focusing on the heap
that was once a

sfumato it 

With a Saturday morning
like this
I go about my regular
a.m. jobs of
letting dogs out
making coffee
 emptying dish washer
and loading!
straightening up
pouring my coffee
letting dogs in
turning on the tube
deciding on
101 Dalmatians
the real one...not the animated
loving Glenn Close's

take on the 
Cruella DeVille

She's so bad...

The adorable dogs...

the quaint house
(I'm one of those who
notices all the prop detailing
the precious clutter
that makes the house...uh...set...
feel like a real home
and brings new appreciation to
 the stuff around me.)

Then I turn my attention 
to our
house guest

Meet Troy...
he is Buddy's brother...
our Jacob's dog...
who is staying with us this 
while Jake and Angela
visit family
in Bay City, MI

which makes my movie choice
rather comical...
life imitating art...


Back to Troy
who is riveted to the television

we are seriously
watching this
I remember Jake telling
me how he swears Troy watches
animal documentaries
regardless of what the professionals say...
and I am here to say
he is absolutely right!

Troy is completely into it!

brother Buddy

is being the teenager
he is
and sleeping in 
a late night of frolicking

At my side...

who is
doing her best Cruella imitation.

At my feet...

I will now pour
another cup of coffee
and finish the movie with my buddy...

Troy, that is.

Enjoy the melt-down...
whatever your weather may be.

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