Monday, January 6, 2014

winter wonderland

Sleigh bells ring...
are you listening.
In the lane...
snow is glistening.
A beautiful sight...
we're happy tonight...

You know the next line...

 That's it...

Walking in a
Winter Wonderland.

A winter blast was heading our way
 first snow
then the bitter cold...
but when I came home 
from the grocery store
I couldn't believe how beautiful
the air felt
cold, not too cold
the quiet that only snow
can bring

I called my sister Sue
who is always game for my craziness
(and mine hers!)
and asked her if she wanted to go
for a walk.
The rest is happy history.

We quickly decided on
Wildwood Metropark
ignoring the impending
weather warnings...

Started walking
and decided on the 
Upland Woods Trail
(so unlike us to be so decisive)

We marveled at the
Sue never complained when
I had to stop for 

she encouraged me to 
stop and smell the snow!

We were all smiles...
(sorry, I know I told you
I wouldn't post this
but you look so darn cute!)

Back to the walk...

a brief break for

At about this point we were
trying to figure out
why this walk seemed
longer than we remembered...
probably the snow
creating greater resistance...
like, well...

This was also about
the time I took this picture...

We kept noticing this 
snow bug
and I finally got the pic I was after
so I could ask all of you...
to identify it for me!

More beautiful landscape

We did encounter others
who felt that same
to explore and enjoy
The Great Outdoors
before the cold prevented it.

 finding our way back to
the trail head.

Where we discovered
what we should have discovered before the outing
that we had walked

In no hurry
enjoying the decorations

the horse stall

a bottled water
before checking in on
The Window on Wildlife

Before we decided to head home...

still no rush...

let's stop for a coffee...

a delicious Gingerbread concoction
(can't remember its name...
help me out Sue)
that was drizzled with molasses...
really hit the spot.

Dreamed about our next outing
donning cross-country skis
after stopping a skier and finding out rentals
are only 15 dollars for the day!

Decided to enjoy an oatmeal cookie
and blueberry scone.
Why, oh why
did Starbucks decide we needed to know
the calorie content?!

As we headed out
we did notice the snow was
getting heavier...
One more stop...
for yarn and needles...
we wanted to be prepared for the
upcoming shut-in weather.

The outside conditions
had definitely
Sue had to drive 20 MPH
all the way home where we made another discovery...
a Level 3 advisory was in effect

Oh well...
we might not be able to drive
but that can't stop
us from having

James started something
I had to help him finish...
but I will save that
for another day!

I have some knitting to do.

Thanks, Sue!

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