Tuesday, March 5, 2013


(The following post comes from a conversation I had with my sister, Sue. She was retelling
a story she had heard of a woman who began challenging herself to try
new things and how she found joy in the process. We developed our own
challenge from there.)

She stood at the precipice
looking at the cool depths
Her heart was beating quickly
and she found she
had to actually focus on her
to quiet the rumblings

Was it fear she was staring down?
Excitement of the unknown?
As if in answer
her eyes were drawn to her toenails
and a month-old painting
that had been hiding behind
woolen socks.
A chuckle escaped from her
and with it a release...
she knew
it was
Time to take the plunge.

Swimming in her youth felt like
Moments of complete abandon
that somehow
had been misplaced as the years
piled on.

The last time she stood in this spot
anticipating a good lap swim
had been years.

The once three-times-a-week routine had been nudged aside
to make room for...
something else.

An old activity that now
brought with it a bit of
in its newness.

Good stress.
Good anxiety.
The kind that reminded her
that she was

She had successfully
arrived to
point of no return.

The next morning
her body ached from a long forgotten
and she felt

Tag...you're it!
 (Yeah Sue, I mean you!)
and anyone else who knows what the heck I'm talking about!


  1. Okay, how about this one...tonight, I gave a solo performance at church, doing a monologue of a broken,addicted, alcoholic woman who finally decides to bring it all to Jesus...on the anniversary of the day when our beautiful Sarah went to be with Jesus. I wore Sarah's leather jacket and her angel wings necklace tonight in her memory. And yes, I cried right there at the altar for everyone to see. Giving it all to the glory of God...that's risky business! Love you!(and happy anniversary!)

    1. I think you get me...understood what the heck I was talking about. This one deserves a phone call!
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Does taking a basic pistol class even count? Is it even PC? :)

    1. A couple of questions to decide. Did you experience butterflies or any strange stomach rumbling? Was your heart beating faster than normal as you were leaving the house? Were your hands a bit sweaty? If you answered yes to one of these questions...then yes! It counts!

      Cool. :)