Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ottoman transformation

I will never out-grow 
the desire for a 
new Easter dress.

My child's eye remembers
having a new dress
every year.
(now new may have been
new to me hand-me-downs
or freshly-cleaned
last year's summer wear...
there were 7 of us
after all!)

But I know there are pictures to
prove that mom
got us scrubbed clean
and sparkly
all at the same time...
Easter Sunday.

I haven't bought my boys 
a new shirt...yet!
I haven't picked out a new dress...

But my ottoman is all set for
the big day.

This was such fun...
and if you are anything like me
you'll truly enjoy 
this project.

I have always wanted
to make slipcovers
but for some reason it felt
so overwhelming
and I would quickly talk myself
right out of the idea.

Then my sister Mary
told me about a site
Miss Mustard Seed
"Move Mountains in Your Home"
I just love that.
She has a really great 
tutorial series dedicated to
making custom slipcovers.

Her relaxed attitude
toward sewing
had me saying
I can do this!
I gathered all my supplies
per her instructions
and got busy.

She recommended starting
with a simpler project
oh...how I wanted to dive right into the
matching chair
but...I decided to take her advice
and get a feel for the
whole process.

I took to it like 
that fish to water
because Miss Mustard Seed spoke my language...
no exact measuring
no precise patterning
you use the piece as your guide
and you jump in
feet first!

Her tip for using painter's
drop cloths
is the BEST.
Love the color...
great weight...
plus you can tear the seams
in straight lines
rather than cut...
Oh, what loud, rip-roaring fun I had!

(that night)

All dressed-up
and ready for 

I gotta share this little story with you...
my hubby was watching this process
and said...with ambivalence...
It has a cottage look.
To which I replied,
Thank you!
He added,
But our house isn't a cottage house.
To which I said,

(the next morning)

Thanks for stopping by.
I gotta run.
I have some shopping to do.

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  1. Adorable! (The ottoman AND D.O.G.!) When you are done practicing, you can come make slipcovers for my ottoman and chair, too!