Wednesday, March 20, 2013

stout, biscuits & tips

A late St. Patrick's Day 
From the kitchen of
Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Post Punk Kitchen
(I've added her to my sidebar
since she's a regular mention)

Mushroom Stout Pie With
Potato Biscuits
Recommended Listening
while preparing:
Gillian Welch
One More Dollar

Recommended Viewing
While Eating:
The Quiet Man

Actually Watched:
Big Bang Theory

so I wouldn't be posting if it

Boys drawn to the kitchen
during gaming
to see what
smelled so darn good!

Joe asking for seconds
with a
"Thanks, Mom!"
Ahh...priceless I tell ya.

Quick confession after yesterday's post...
I kinda hinted at the fact
that gathering at the table is as frequent
as a Spring Equinox...
well, maybe not that rare...but...
our meals are most often
enjoyed while...
dare I say it...
watching television!'s true,
we're one of those families!
So I've decided to post movies
I think would pair delightfully
with your meal.
Believe and trust me here.
I have VAST experience in this area.
Basically what I'm saying is
don't question me...
just do it.

With that over with
I had to share this picture
I was so thrilled with the
picture perfect.
I never made anything like this before
so I was very impressed 
with myself.

Those potato biscuits were so
flaky and moist...
I have many plans to incorporate them
in my upcoming meals.

Now for the tip.
You know when you have
a recipe that calls for 
1 Tablespoon of Tomato Paste?
You go to that little can
in the it...scoop out what you need
refrigerate what's left so you can
toss it in a month when it
has turned a shade of
Spring Green?

you've never done that!
Well, I have.
So I decided to be smart and freeze
the leftovers...frugal me.
Not so smart though
cuz...when I went to use it...well...duh...
it was frozen in a nice
hard brick I had to thaw.

Plan B:
A Genius Little Plan.

Measure the leftovers in
1 Tablespoon scoops
place on wax paper and an old Corelle plate
Flash Freeze
and then...

store in the freezer
in a small Ball Jar and you're all set
for that next pot o'
Stout Pie.

Accolades accepted.

I came upon this idea with my
own wee brain.
So if some of you have been doing this
for years...why didn't you tell me?!

And, yes...I have heard about the paste in tubes
but there aint no way I'm paying
3 bucks for what I can get for 59 cents.
Dems the facts o' life.

Music and Making.
Movies and Meals.
Musings and Masterminds!

Happy St. Patrick's Week!
Happy Spring!

Alleluia Chorus!

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