Thursday, March 28, 2013

strawberry transformation

How does one transform a strawberry
you ask?
Better question:
Why would one want to?

When one's husband is following 
(or should be) a strict diet which
includes no pop/soda or alcohol...
well, a good wife
tries to make creative alternatives

all that to introduce
Homemade Strawberry Soda

I searched around
trying to find a recipe for what
I was imagining.
The closest I got was at
Food Wishes with Chef John.
With that as a general guide
I devised my own recipe
to create a soda
for those who need to watch their
sugar intake.
Basically, all of us.

Before we begin, might I recommend
preparation listenings:
Blackwing Butterfly
Across The Borderline: More Lies
BettySoo & Doug Cox

clean and hull
one pound of ripe strawberries
roughly chop and put
in a sauce pan.
Add 1 and a half cups 
filtered water...
and bring to a boil
over high heat.

Reduce to a simmer
for 15 minutes
to release all that strawberry

Put a strainer above another pot
and pour the strawberry mixture
into it to separate
the juice from the pulp.
Press down gently to get 
all the juices.

Compost those strawberries.

To the juice
add 2/3 cup agave nectar.
(or your preferred sweetener)
and bring to a boil.
Reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes.
and let cool.

Pour into a storage jar.
What you have now
is actually
Strawberry Concentrate.
This is much like a syrup that can be
drizzled on ice cream
added to lemonade
or iced tea...
a margarita for those...ahem...that enjoy that
kinda thing.

But for my purposes today
lest I forget...
Homemade Strawberry Soda.

So easy.
You're in the homestretch now...

Fill a glass with ice
fill that glass almost half-way
with the concentrate
and then top-it-off
with sparkling water.
Give it a stir.


And that's how a strawberry
can be transformed.

Now I'm thinking blueberries...
so many berries
so little time.

Make a drink for those you love...
one worth toasting with!

(Italian style for "to your health")


  1. Compost the strawberries? My goodness how wasteful!

    1. That depends upon one's feelings toward gold to gardeners. Waste would be tossing those strawberries in the garbage...composting is feeding the soil. I should add that you can mash those strawberries rather than strain, but it will produce a slurry rather than a clear syrup. Preference is yours. Thanks for stopping by anonymous. :)