Monday, March 25, 2013

lamp transformation

Brentwood Table Lamp Base
This Pottery Barn lamp
served as my inspiration.
and the sticker price...
over a hundred
not including shade!
with two old brass lamps
standing at the ready
I headed to the nearest Lowe's
for a can of
espresso spray paint.

Weather got balmy here
so with a cardboard box for
over spray
I sent James
(who was begging me)
out to do the honors.

Gave it a full twenty-four
before I started 
distressing at
key spots to give it a
"I was naturally born with it"

I need to back up here
to add that I found two shades
while perusing the aisles
that gave me 
the Pottery Barn look I was hoping for.

Natural burlap
adds texture and an earthiness
to its surroundings
not to mention
it's everywhere right now.

Not that I'm a trend follower
but it was nice to find
exactly what I was looking for
at Lowe's.

Here's a day shot
with a flash...
because normally there isn't a sheen
on the shade.

I got both lamps
painted and shaded
for the cost of
one Pottery Barn shade!

Not to mention 
the fun of a DIY 
(and with those you love)

Now I feel compelled to be completely
honest and say
I'm not sure I love the new look.
I think they turned out great
but they might be a bit
heavy for this room.

A living room that is slowly
going through a
as well.

If I don't use them here
they will be perfect in the
family room.

I'm definitely NOT missing the brass...
even if it is making
a comeback!

Stay tuned
for a full week of


  1. I think they look awesome! What a transformation! I also think they match the frame of the painting over the sofa better. Just read an article about simple updates for homes, and the writer said "Even if you are waiting for brass to make a comeback, it won't look the same as that dated chandelier anyway, so change it." lol! I waited, too, until I couldn't wait anymore!

  2. That is so funny...I actually used a similar line with mom today! "Even if it does come back it won't look like mine from the eighties!"
    LOL! Thirty years of looking at wonder it seems a bit "off" right now. They seriously look better in person...another reason to come for a visit :)