Saturday, March 9, 2013

bad haircuts

What do you get
when you put
a shih tzu,
snowy wet days
a new owner
all together?

Matted fur.

Shame on me!

and I felt it when I went to
pick her up at the groomers
and received a lengthy lecture
on how to care for 

feeding and loving her
are not enough.
When I picked her up
expecting to see a "teddy bear cut"
I got this instead,
and a handful of her matted fur
as proof that I'm a
shih tzu idiot.

I laughed out loud at the unveiling.
I couldn't help myself.
James was with me and he was
appalled by her
saying mean fourteen-year-old
things like...
this is what you'd look like
if you got your hair cut any shorter!


I didn't want to give her a puppy inferiority
complex so I've started
calling her

Come on...
who hasn't had a bad haircut?
They have a way of chipping at your
your self-confidence.

After a few days
 it's kinda growing
on us.
It's like punk rock meets classic bob.
She may look sad in the picture
but believe me
she's running around like a 
woman who is freed
from her
straggly locks...
and I think we have inadvertently
stumbled upon
"her look"

Gone are the long hours
in front of the mirror
the tedious brushing
out of snarls,
the gels and the sprays,
the flat irons
the curling irons...

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