Thursday, March 7, 2013

fluffing the nest

With all the meals I have been 
experimenting with...
 new recipes
new ingredients
new techniques
it only made sense that presentation
was soon to follow.
Food presentation usually
involves arrangement
on the plate...
but what about the table?
Maybe it is a Spring thing
but I want
I crave

Nothing says "pretty" like pastel.

So when I saw this cute set-up 
at Pier 1
I started pricing.
I stopped with the first
place mat...
in the $5.50 range.
Now that's not horrible
but if I'm going to splurge with my
it is going to be in the form of 
organic foods and supplies
which can get rather pricey.

While on a recent
visit to TJ Maxx where I was
looking for pillows for an anniversary gift
for Rudy...
and, too
I just happened upon these.

Look familiar?

Not exact
but darn close.

Here's the rundown:
Rectangular mat: $1.99
Circular Mat Pack of Four: $6.99.

After looking at the above pictures
I realized I forgot one item

The napkin from my
hutch to pull it
all together.

How's that for presentation?

Fluffing my nest
on the cheap!

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