Monday, March 18, 2013


You know how certain days 
have a feel
about them?

When I looked for images of 
I was surprised by the vast

This, however,
 spoke of my today.
Some look at Monday
as a return to
just another four-letter word
A return to schedule
after the freedom
of the weekend.
For others
it's just another day.
For me
Mondays are filled with
like little New Year's in and
of themselves.
Monday I will begin that
(not me mind you, but I've heard of this
new curriculum
 (my homeschool Monday)
exercise routine
cleaning project
craft project

No doubt
Monday means
a fresh new start
the promise of a new beginning.

Sounds great on the screen.
But like any good resolution
that loses its momentum
by February...
Monday loses its
strength by
possibly sooner
like today when I rolled from my bed
still groggy with sleep
to another gray type 
end-(already!)-of-winter day.
A bit of snow and ice covered the drive.
I was good with that
because snow brings light...
so does that big yellow thing in the sky
that hasn't shown its face
for far too long.
Which is why my house painting
project has flowed with
the sun phases.
Energy with.
Drained without.

All this to say.
I'm okay with it.
I am fighting this Monday tendency
that threatens to 
suck all joy from my life 
and I am attempting to replace it with
a more relaxed version.

No time like right now
to begin something.
(much like the "no time like the present")

Not to be confused with
the time honored
never put off tomorrow 

I'm talking about those changes
you know will help
and benefit you
your loved ones
the world!
The world.

Start today.
if it isn't gray and you really don't
want to do whatever it is anyway.

and there lies the rub.

I have found that I do that
which I want to do
much faster and with
excitement and an insurmountable amount
 (there's a tongue twister!)
of energy
than that which I really
don't want to do in the first place.

if you've made it this far in my 
don't message me with the dangers
of this theory.
I know...I know...
every job has its mundane side
and sometimes we must just
plow through it.

To which I will say to you...
with teenage attitude.
Because if you have made it this
far in my writing
you too must be experiencing
Monday Madness.
I'm not fooling myself here
I am completely cognizant of the fact that
this is not very compelling stuff I've got
going here...
so what's your excuse?
Get out there
and do as you say already!

Go on!
Get on with it.
As for me and my house
we will
wait for the 
(double-entendre not intended
but hey...
it works!)

Oh yeah...
and don't forget to...

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