Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"make do" tuesday

Inspiration hit on
laundry day.
After folding a fresh
clean load of
kitchen towels.

After pricing milk bags
Whole Foods...$16.

I get so discouraged with myself
when I want to try
new things
like making my own soap...
making candles...
or on this day making almond milk,
and I get hung-up on 
needing all the right equipment
before I get started.

Well...I am here to say
You don't need all that stuff!

I have enough stuff
(more than enough!)
can't I make it with what I already

And so can you.

I don't have a Vitamix blender
(the Rolls Royce of blenders)
but I do have a Ninja.

And all the ingredients:
Soaked Almonds
Filtered Water
Dates (for sweetness)
Sea Salt.

No milk bag?
No problem.

Check this contraption out.

Lined with a just from the washer
kitchen towel.

After blending for about 3 minutes
I poured the
almost almond milk 
into the center and let gravity
do its thing
while I washed and tidied my work space.
Gathered what was left in the towel
to squeeze out the 

Milking the Towel  :)

Poured through one final 
(to check for pieces)
Really not necessary...
I was just curious as to how my
method was working.


I didn't "catch" any 
little pieces.

Like milk.

One last test.


I won't lie to you
soy milk is my preferance
but like anything
moderation is key
and variety is the spice of life.

I like using plain almond milk in 
many recipes that call
for milk...
because it blends so well with other
and doesn't alter the flavor
like soy can.
Now I have a fresh stash in the frig
and a nice batch of
almond meal...
all that almondy stuff left in the towel
which can be used
in many recipes.
No waste!
I am seeing almond meal cookies
in my very near future.

The best part.
Trusting my ingenuity
to guide me.
Knowing that everything
I need
is already there.
Making do with what I have
instead of buying into 
the thought that
the next best thing
will make it even better.


It doesn't get any better than this!


  1. You are so wise, Jennifer...really enjoyed reading this post and will be trying my own version with whatever tools I have on hand very soon. : )

    Thank you for the inspiration,


  2. I make almond milk every week and also don't have a nut milk bag, but I just used a piece of fabric to line a strainer from my sewing stash, and it works great!

    My kids love it too, total bonus :-)