Wednesday, May 2, 2012

almost vegan

When you go to Costco
and buy avocados
in bulk...

you begin to invent recipes
that will include this
or is it fruit?

In my opinion...
just about everything tastes better
with a little avocado
on top.

Tacos, hamburgers, veggie paninis,
all Mexican fare,
care to add to my list?

On a leftover taco night
I brought out all the extra toppings...
onions, cilantro, tomatoes,
black olives,
cheese (could have used soy variety),
sour cream (ditto),
a blend of refried vegetarian beans
mixed with quinoa and seasonings.

Assembled all in a bowl
and topped with
fresh chopped avocado.

With a few minor adjustments
this could have been considered
a vegan taco-in-a-bowl.

Could have...

Instead I am happy to
call it (and myself)
Almost Vegan Taco-In-a-Bowl

Or better yet...

1 comment:

  1. Love this definition! I think that I am going to use that same title for me. Thanks.