Thursday, May 17, 2012

fickle me

Or plain indecisiveness?

You decide.

My husband says
I am "off"
because my "Siamese twin" sister
is vacationing in Florida.

I cleaned the carpets during
the great Spring Clean-Out.

Pushed the coffee table out of the way
and found it was so nice
having that coffee table

The large expanse meant
I could spread out
whenever I felt like it...
glorious space...
to just slip off the couch and
strike a pose.

The down-facing frog...
frog mountain...or frog tree.
I now had the
floor space to move...
during commercial breaks
of course!

The big honking coffee table
was now off to
the side and I could
drag it center
when and if I needed it.

I quickly found I "needed" it
to hold a coffee cup...
the many remotes...

a Scrabble board.

It is now back home
where apparently it belongs.

Space seems to be an issue right now.
When the coffee maker went on
the fritz...
I removed it and found I liked
the openness...
prime real-estate known as
counter space.

Back to having an Italian espresso
each morning
with my mini Bialetti
that uses
a 4" area on my stove...

Then my family came for a visit
asking if I could make
some coffee.

Ever try making 6 cups
with a 2 cup maker...
not a fast process...
so my answer to them was...

How long before there is a
Mr. Coffee
back on my counter?

I wonder.
 Any money on Friday...
or do you think I will last the weekend?

On to lamps.
Or more specifically

Wanting to update the look
of my living room

Oh yeah...the shade makes all
the difference.

As you can see I am
the wrapper is still in place
for the possible

What's with the white

It just looks cheap when compared
to the old gold.

It was from Target
but I don't consider $18.99 each

So I am turning to you...
I am taking a vote.

Keep the old shade OR move to new?

Please help.
For as you can see I am unable to make a
clear and reasonable
at the moment.

Hurry home Sue!
My family misses you.
So do I.

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