Tuesday, May 22, 2012

day one as a vegan

30 Day Vegan
a cleansing
online workshop
began yesterday.

After participating in
 Heather Bruggeman's
Whole Food Kitchen Workshop
I feel armed and fully prepared.

Her gentle words of encouragement
have me confidently telling
those who ask

I want to try it on
for a month...
to see how it makes me feel.

I went to Target
and purchased my 3-ring binder
to load with delicious recipes
and clever ideas I learn
along the way.

A notebook to journal my
thoughts and feelings
along the way.

Day 1
began as many of my days
do now that
I am focused on
Whole Food
or what I call REAL FOOD

with a Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie.

I loved this tip that
Heather shared with us during
WFK Workshop...
flash freezing bananas at their
peak of ripeness...
to use for making an ice
cold smoothie...
or any recipe calling for the
sweet banana.

With cashews and peanut butter
this morning drink
not only satisfies...
it has staying power...
(I wasn't hungry until lunch)
and it's so creamy and delicious.

there was a focus on
loving and taking good care of

practical tips...reminders actually...
to clean your space
and make it beautiful...
go outside for 30 minutes each day...
fill a glass pitcher with
water and a slice of lemon
and drink it all during the day.
(I made it through 3/4's
with frequent
pit stops!)

My B.C. glass was used plenty
for water and
herbal iced tea
(which I'm not too sure about...yet)

 was with my mom and
sister Sue...
who is also a vegan for a month.
I made a
Southwest Quinoa Bowl
(Feb post : whole again)
with sliced watermelon that Sue brought
to share for dessert.

So very good.
Much better than take-out!
(sorry boys!)

My favorite go to
whole foods soup recipe
Cauliflower Potato Curry Stew
(thanks for this one
Renee Tougas!)
it makes a ton
so I know what's for lunch today.

I could go on and on
about the meal plans...
Tofu Cutlets with Watermelon Salsa...
but that isn't why I'm doing this.

This journey
feels like a natural step
for me after making
the whole foods
I was what I called
 an almost vegan.
For one month I will
embrace a full vegan lifestyle...
and I will share my thoughts
with you as I try it on for size.

I promise
as I always do
to share the good...
the bad...
the ugly...
the beautiful.

Why a 30 day vegan?

I want to try it on
to see how it fits...
to see how it makes me feel.

A little tight...
too loose...
just right?
Stay tuned.

Now I'm off to make a
Green Smoothie
for breakfast...
even the name scares me...
kale to start my day.
I'll let you know
what I really think.

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  1. Ha, I bought that same little notebook to do the same thing! And I LOVE your t-shirt quilt!!