Monday, May 14, 2012


This is what the
day after Mother's Day
looks like...

A homemade chocolate chip cookie cake...
from my sweet baby James.
(of course!)

The deck furniture
without my asking for it to!

Clean and sparkly
and ready for
good times.

Those with a keen eye
may notice
the pool was officially


Let the summer fun begin.

This was a gift for my mom
from the Farmer's Market...

A little herb garden
to keep handy near the kitchen door.


When mt nephew
Luke loaded it in the van...
on the hub of this
spare tire...
I felt a spark of inspiration!

Grab the camera.

Genius idea...

to be explored at a later date.

Right now
I have some
relaxing to do...
maybe I can talk James
into making breakfast...lunch...

Right now
I have summer plans
to dream up...
maybe I can convince Joe
to sweep out the pool.

Right now...
anything is possible.

Happy (day after) Mother's Day!

1 comment:

  1. Luke was laughing about this on our drive home...his crazy aunt Jenny taking photos of plants on spare tires. Hey, as a blogger, I completely understand. Gotta capture the moment! love ya and miss ya already!