Monday, May 21, 2012

t-shirt skirt

Saturday morning
found me with

bits and pieces of altered tees.
This day I was looking at sleeves
that had been cut from
their respective shirts
the makeover.

As you now know...
I hold onto each piece because
I know I will find
a use for them.

Saturday found me here...

wishing I had a Serger...

but alas I do not...
so traditional seaming
with a follow-up
will have to do.

This was the result.

So simple and fun.
I cut the sleeves open
on the seamless side...
opened and ironed
and used the "seamed sides as the
right side...
(you know I love seams on
the out rather than the in)

Sewed the sections together
(narrow at the top...wide
at the bottom to create
the flair)
in a most pleasing
Created a waistband from
a doubled-over section
leftover t-shirt.

Then I tried it on.

A sweet summer skirt...
not too long
not too short...
but as Goldilocks would say...
just right.

Comfy cotton
paired with a comfy cotton tank
and flip flops...

The perfect ensemble
for a summer outing
to an art festival...
grad party...
outdoor concert...
romantic picnic...
walk on the beach...

You fill in the blank.

As I look at these pics...
I think there is something
I think I know what that something is.
Stop back soon for
the truly
Saturday Skirt.

Enjoy your day.
Spread peace.


  1. Oh, I love this skirt!! And I don't own a Serger either....

  2. But your sister does. If you ask ever so nicely you can borrow it now and then.