Thursday, May 24, 2012

in my kitch


"No matter where I serve my guests
they seem to like my
kitchen best."
--A plaque that was in
my mom's busy kitchen.

This is my work station.
I spend quite a bit of time on
that 11 x 7 swatch
of floor.

It isn't glamorous...
and after looking at these pictures
I can say with confidence
a little updating wouldn't hurt...
it's mine.

The door leads to the basement
with a handy 2-step down landing.
Just the right spot for

Rubber coated shelving
that holds my growing
whole food
and other essentials.

My husband installed these
years ago...
and they were the gathering place
for everything from
batteries and light bulbs
to doggie treats.

Now they are an extension to
my kitchen...
when I open that door
the bright yellow light
floods in.

Easy access.
That's been an incentive of mine.

Like many, I have found myself
Why do I insist on putting
items I use daily in drawers?

The answer to that question
is taking shape
as I "remodel"
my space.

Just wanted to show my viewers
how cute May has been.

Way to go Warren Kimble!
Such an improvement over
ugly fish...
don't you think?

While visiting my kitch
let's see what the bitch has been up to.

Introducing kale to the family...
sneaking it in salads...
it's green so they didn't mention
a thing.

Tossed with other fresh

Blended together for a
good long time...

to create the
Green Breakfast Smoothie.

I find I only enjoy smoothies
during the warmer months...
this one was a surprise.

It tasted fresh and clean...
not adjectives I use to describe food
very often...
but as I travel this month long vegan path
I find they are the perfect choice
with so many
fruits and veggies
on my plate.

A glass for now...
the rest for the 4 pm zone-out time.

My one honest complaint with this recipe...
I was hungry an hour after
eating/drinking it.

Where is the protein that
holds me over until

Not to be found in this one...
but I did enjoy it midday.

Make sure you have an audience as
you drink this bright green fluid...
they will ask oh, so many
funny questions
that will have you asking...

Would you like a taste?

Thanks for visiting my
 kitchen today.
You're welcome back anytime.


  1. Your kitchen reminds me of mine...My cabinets are 20 yr old oak that we've refinished. I know the rage is to paint them white, but I could never....Love the look of oak stained and finished. Pantry is lookin good; you put me to shame.

  2. Enjoyed getting a peek into your kitchen and I have a secret obsession with pantries. Thanks for sharing.