Tuesday, May 1, 2012

home ec :: advanced class

I made the proclamation
of encouraging James
on his quest to become the first
marine/special forces police officer/baker.

The ball started rolling out of control.
"Let's make creme brulee!"

Why not?

We have the technology
thanks to Aunt Tina
gifting this to
the one person she knew might use it...

After reading his assigned book
he moved right to reading what he
wanted to read...
 the instructions on
that cool little butane torch.

As well as
all recipes website for
a creme brulee that
included chocolate...
to feed his love of the cacao bean.

Following mom's gut...
he used the recipe included with
the set.
Hey, I'm just along for the ride...
learning the steps
on this crazy walk

With little help
he proceeded on his own.

Kitchen prep...check.
Ingredients assembled...check.
Armed with Internet knowledge...check.

Nothing left
but to do it.

Prepare the ramekins as instructed...
the joy of baking...


to a firm...still jiggly

and wait for mom
to return home from practice
because she wants to
watch the torch

I made him wait.
Another valuable lesson we
teach here at the
Ondrus School of Culinary Arts.

The wait was worth it for me...
I got to see the sparkle
of excitement in his eyes
as he got the
torch going.

We may need to watch that
you tube video again.
Instead of caramelizing the sugar...
it got a bit burned.

The final product...

we ate it...
it was good...
I think it needed chocolate!

Never question the James.


  1. Tell James that I learned recently that the chefs at the White House almost always come from the Navy. (One of our church members has a son that is a chef there!)

  2. It looks fabulous! Do you know how long that was taking up space in my cupboard? I am so glad that he used it. This will all pay off one day:). Love- Tina