Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Backing up
Ol' Blue...
loaded with spades, buckets, and
tractor tires?

Welcome to
St. Luke's Community Garden.
As you can see
it is still in its grassroots stage.

Pretty little boxes...
all in a row.

Then along came
the Thompson Girls...
oh, and their volunteer

Mom's hollering...
"This didn't end well for Scout!"


You can't put cousins
and a big tire together without
expecting a few

"I got this...I got this..."

Or not!

"Move it over...
big bro is gonna show you how it's done!"

With the satisfaction
of holding on for
the complete rotation...
we put them

Moving dirt.

We set up our camp
in the back corner
of unclaimed property.

The garden has yet to find
its true mission.
Sometimes churches...
aka people...
are reluctant...uneasy...just plain
afraid to share their new toys.

For now...
the members are planting
and giving their
bounty to
organizations that need
fresh produce.

That's cool.

But if you look beyond
the yard in the above
you will see an
apartment complex.
Wouldn't it be nice for those
dwellers to have
their very own gardens?
Maybe meet a few new friends
along the way.

Just sayin...

Planted our little
herb garden.

All those pasta dishes we serve
will now be made that
much tastier

But wait!
The water towers are
not filled...

could you go to
for a water run?"

Pretty please?

We paid them up front...
in food.

"Thanks, guys!"

Precious water.

Just like that...
the community garden
got some personality...
a little spunk.

Urban funked...
or would that be
rural junked?

it is beautiful.

I am envisioning that portion of
chain link
getting traded for a picket
of many colors...
sunflowers blooming
happily at the borders.

It's true what they say...

It does take a community.
Thanks, boys.

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  1. I LOVE the tire planters, what a great idea!