Thursday, July 28, 2011

Arts Of Fire :: Flip Art

When my sister Mary was in town
we decided to take ALL the boys
and Mom
The Toledo Museum of Art's
Glass Pavilion.
They offer free demonstrations
periodically...and every Friday @ 2 pm.
If you haven't been...
We highly recommend it.
We arrived a little early (so unlike us)

so we browsed some of the

The crowd started gathering
so we high-tailed it off
to the studio for a good seat.
With Joe, John, and
pumpkin-faced Sam to my right.

A blurry Mom,

(who would have killed me if I posted the

other pic)

Mary, and James to the left.

Here I am...stuck in the middle with you.

We waited for the show to begin.

As you can imagine...

being so up-close and personal...

you can really feel the heat.

To simulate the effect

(is that with an "e" or "a"...I'm sticking with "e")...

you could sit in front of an open

oven set to about 500

while perusing these pics.

(Or just sit outside!)

Brief segue...

remember when you were a kid

and you would doodle on the corners

of a slow progression

of create your own cartoons?

Or moving pictures for the older set.

Well, I do.

But I've always been weird.


if you scroll very quickly through these

photos it will have the same effect...

A high-tech flip book...

if you will.


If you did this correctly
it should have been filled with
a lot of oohs and aahs...
and you wouldn't even have noticed the poor
quality pictures.
(I bet you feel an excuse coming on)
that guy ( sorry, didn't catch his name) was moving fast...
I mentioned the heat, right?!
At the final Q & A period
he told us that clear glass can be recycled...
colored glass gets thrown in the dumpster.
My Q...
And where's that dumpster located?
He paused...laughed...but didn't tell me.
He didn't realize he was dealing with
a dumpster diver!
Since it's right across the street...
We walked through TMA as well.
A great way to spend a Friday.
Their schedule is check for times
that work best for you.
I hope you enjoyed this
Flip Art Field Trip.
Now go doodle on some corners!

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