Thursday, July 21, 2011

Could It Be? // Garden Finds

The Dog Days Of Summer
When you step outside
to water and weed...
and you come away looking
like you've been caught in a downpour.
Pretty Sight to behold.
Wet, dirty, and irritated after 5 minutes work.
I was about to call it a day
when I saw something promising
out of the corner of my eye.
Could it be?
I thought I saw a cherry red tomato.
I did...I did...
I did see a red cherry tomato!
I ran for my camera to capture the moment.
The humidity is so high here
it fogged my lens!
I waited a bit and blew my hot breath
on the lens...
cuz you don't want to miss this!
Thar she is!
Hiding low to the ground.
Oh...I plucked it...
admired it for its beauty...
And popped it in my mouth.
A Real Tomato.
Nothing says summer like a ripe juicy tomato.
First Zucchini Of The Season
I swear just yesterday these were like 4 inches long
Now they're the length of my arm!
Zucchini Bread...Fried Zucchini...Zucchini Soup
...Zucchini Cake?
Nothing is impossible with the zucchini!
I walked to the road to get the
contemplating all the joys the zucchini
would bring and I saw this.
I wish I could add a sound bite here
it'd go something like...
(a little Beethoven-ish)
What? you may ask...
it's but a bush.
A Burning Bush to be precise.
Look carefully at its cap...
do you see the pink haze?
Then I saw it.
Bum-bum-bum-BUM (again)
Go away...go away...
I'm not ready for you yet.
I'm going to blame this on
Susan Branch.
I absolutely love her Summer Book.
Loaded with great stories, ideas, and recipes...
But she is the one who made me
aware of this early happening and I
find I almost wait and watch for it every summer now...
Hers is dated July 14, 1994.
Mine is dated July 20, 2011...
which is rather appropriate because it is my
Dad's Birthday as well.
Why appropriate?
Well, every year at Solstice, my dad would say,
"This is the longest day of the year...
and they start getting shorter
from here on out."
(or something to that nature)
It'd bug the crap out of me...
and now I find that I relay that story every year
to my kids.
Could it be?
Could I be growing more and more like my dad with each
passing day?
Why thank-you...
thank you very much!

Rhythm of Life...
slow down the beat!

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  1. After this summer in Hades, I'm looking forward to some cool autumnal breezes. Bring it on!