Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday Recap

Bedford Garden Tour 2011
My first...Bedford's 15th
In case you were unable to attend...
here are snippets of what I consider
The Best Of Show.
A Final Look Over My Shoulder.
I've got to get home to
paint, weed, plant, build, and
Now I know why I stay away from such events.
They can be quite costly.
I will hop on my bike
until the feeling passes.
Joe is going to join me
on this adventure from Fort Meigs
to home...
approximately 25 miles (rounding up!).
We are helping Mad Man on his final leg.
My brother-in-law, Ed...
who got it into his head to bike to
Michigan from Indy!
He's still smiling after 233 miles!
He knows I have a cool pool and an
ice cold Bud waiting for him.
Way To Go, Ed!
To celebrate in style...
we put on a fireworks display.
actually Bedford did.
They must have heard about Ed's grand
Tour de Midwest.
Well, it's Monday...
garden weeding awaits...
I think I'll go for a bike ride.

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  1. I agree with your choice of Best In Show! I have driven by this home many times and always wished that I could snoop around the backyard. I am very thankful that this woman allowed us all to do just that! Tina