Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Banners :: A Family Project

When Joe turned Sweet Sixteen
I turned to our trusty birthday banner
for decorations.
As you can see
this banner has a few miles on it.
My "go-to" for every birthday...
which explains the crimped and gnarly look.
reduce :: reuse (use again and again) :: recycle
that's my motto.
The boys have never complained.
It waits in the drawer for James' big day in October.
Moving Forward...
I have been tinkering with an idea for a while now.
Tibetan Prayer Flags.
Traditionally hung in the Himalayans...
where the breeze can carry the prayer
far and wide.
PEACE is...
Using muslin and old scraps of white sheets...
I asked James to draw his
interpretation of
He sketched a few prototypes
before taking his Sharpie to the fabric.
I designed a panel as well.
While he finished his creation
I cut-out a few banners from a box of old
calicoes someone had given me.
(Thanks Lynn)
Scraps of fabric that looked like they were
going to be a quilt someday...
but never got past the
cutting stage.
(I have a few of those unfinished projects myself)
Attached James' design with buttons and embroidery floss. Strung together...
hung outside...
spreading PEACE with the wind.
My (OUR) version of the
prayer :: wish :: hope
A Family Project.
Can be used to celebrate a birthday...
decorate a room...
dance in the garden.
Available soon in kit form at Harmony in Life.

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