Friday, July 22, 2011

My Theater Purse

Take me out to the movies...
because it's too hot for a ball game!
With temps hovering near 100
life is like the great escape...
finding fun ways to escape the heat
and flee to wherever
the AC is working!
Friday night...
movie night!
I've already checked-out show times
at the Maumee Indoor Theater.
A theater with old marquee charm...
and cheaper pricing!
Tickets are 4 dollars...
but you can still drop a pretty penny
at the snack counter.
Theater Purse to the rescue!
I made this purse last year
so I can verify its success in handling
this covert op.
Sturdy repurposed denim...
reinforced stitching throughout...
cute in a big bag kind of way.
completely lined in a fun polka dot print.
It easily conceals 4 pops and 4 snacks...
plus all the other female paraphernalia I can't be without.
I decided to turn it inside out
so you could see
she's not only beautiful on the outside...
she's beautiful on the inside, too!
Tonight's movie pick
X-Men : First Class
Tickets: $16.
Snacks: Pass...Okay, maybe a popcorn
"What? There's nothing hiding in this over-sized bag!"
(so inconspicuous)
Sometimes it's fun to be sneaky!
FYI: Wednesdays are cheap-o days at Maumee Indoor
$4 will get you a ticket, small pop and small popcorn!
Enjoy the show!


  1. What a beautiful bag! The red is so nice with the denim. I always enjoy seeing what you are creating! LorieR

  2. I think I like the polka side even more than the orange side! Pass the Milk Duds!
    love ya!

  3. Lorie...thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice appreciated!
    Rose Bud...Susie said the same thing. I should have made it reversable, unfortunately, I used a magnetic closure. I think I can cover that up with a little creativity. A flower perhaps? Love.