Friday, July 8, 2011

Pillowcase Project :: Wildflower

A Garage Sale Find.
Pretty Blue.
The sniff test told of hours in the sun...
on the line.
Sold for 50 cents!
by the old song...
Born To Be Wild!
I drew a design with tattoo lettering.
Born To Be A Wildflower
A spin-off of the classic.
traced the design onto the border.
Chose colors of DMC floss
from my pre-owned stash.
Dug the hoop out of the attic.
Free-Hand Embroidery.
In other words...
I did whatever felt right.
Back Stitch---Satin Stitch---
Chain Stitch---
French Knots.


Took a walk in my garden...
and found what I was looking for.
More Inspiration.

Part One was now complete.

Part Two began with a quick measurement

of 20 inches. Cut to size...

cut a bit more from the top corners...

made a binding from the remaining fabric

and bound the raw edges. Sewed a 3/4" casing at the top edge...

cut 2 more strips from fabric and made

two drawstrings.

Pulled them through the casings.

Tied a pretty bow...


And Voila!

I know just the little


to wear this. be continued...


  1. This is too cute! Tina

  2. Thanks, Tina...I can't wait to get it on her. Blue is her color. Thanks for stopping by. Love.