Friday, July 15, 2011

My Wildflower

Born To Be A Wildflower
A pillowcase turned sundress.
When my little wildflower came to visit
wearing only a diaper...
I seized the opportunity.
Wildflowers like tattoos.
So after rubbing this on she let me put the dress on her.
Of course not!
She ran outside to show mama.
I had visions of a curly-haired lass running
through a field of wildflowers.
stopping to sniff a bloom in
grandma's garden.
Stomping out of the garage...
looking like she was about
to complain about something
never entered my mind.
She knew I wanted that perfect picture.
don't do perfect.
Not mine at least.

A Little Later...

she got to teasing her grandma.
She discovered how easy
it was to take off and put back on again.
She wanted to do it all by herself.
Almost there...
wait a minute...
what's that grandma's holding...
a camera?
I don't think so.
She decided to wear it as a hat.
With lots of satisfied-with-herself
Very versatile...
the dress can also be worn as a skirt.
Kierstin's day was now complete.
She had managed to get a big laugh
out of everyone in the room.
Including Grandma!
I should have known...
being that I am one...
Wildflowers can be very unpredictable!

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  1. Too cute- I love the attitude!!! Tina