Thursday, March 31, 2011

As The Family Grows :: The Grass Is Greener

Riddle Me This??? (Sorry about the missing pics...hope to have that problem fixed ASAP...) The other day I was driving around running errands with the boys. James made an observation... "Ever notice how 'other peoples' yards look greener than ours?" As a homeschool mom, every moment... every question asked... could be a quick science lesson OR a possible research paper. (My boys think it's a sickness :) Regardless, I explained how everyone's yards are brownish because the grass is dormant during the winter months. To which James responded with a matter-of-fact tone... "Nope, theirs is greener than ours!" Hmmm... We weren't in the drive for 5 seconds and James came out of the garage on this. (Pic of James on dirt bike here!)
I quickly pulled out my camera and took a shot. I told James the name of the post I was going to blog... "Mom, why is their grass greener than ours?"
(Pic of James riding on said dirt bike in the yard!)
I wonder...
(Another pic of James In yard!) was a beautiful early Spring day.
Joe hopped on his favorite mode of backyard demolition. The BMX Bike.
A little slower BUT just as destructive.
James decided to join him. Notice where this picture is being taken... on the grass... not the pavement.
I went to get the mail and saw another picture begging to get captured.
What could have torn up my front yard? Hmmm... Could it have anything to do with this???
The quad that not only plows the snow off the driveway... but also pulls the kids on sleds through the yard? Things that make you go... Hmmm. Oh, don't worry...I will make an assignment out of this. Just keeping it real... and keeping my sense of humor.

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